SunCheck - finally the visor extender that really works for you



Do you also drive frequently with direct sun at your eyes and on your face - mostly from front and left - too low or sideways that the visor cannot shade ?

Are you also tired of wiggling and extending your neck to avoid the sun in your eyes, so you can still see cleary as you drive ?

Have you also wished you had a light, simple,  easy to move visor extender, that can reach  any point you need to shade your eyes & face from direct sun ?

Safe, fun driving with SunChek blocking direct sun, much beyond the car visor's range – sideways and down, easily and friendly.  With SunChek on your visors, driving is safer,  pleasant & relaxed again.   And -  your eyes and  face  are protected, and kept younger and healthier


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Buy your own SunChek visor extenders  - for you and the passenger beside you, have a pleasant & safe drive, and keep your eyes & face healthier and younger


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